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Art & Design

  • Cloth Sculptures (2019)
  • My Little Lover Merch (2022)
  • My Little Lover Web (2021)
  • Sonic Playground (Ongoing)
  • Consent Training (2021)
  • Umi No Aji (2021)
  • A Commute Series (2019)

Music Discography

  • S/N
  • Moss Mothra


Sonic Playground

Performance Instructions > Sound Installation > VR Sonic Experience

August 2019

Sonic Playground Instructions
Inspired by Pauline Oliveros and John Cage, I had written a instructional piece performed by seven people.

Decemeber 2019

Documentation for Sonic Playground II
I had adpated the instructions into a seven channel performance / installation piece. This was my first test performance for an audience.


As the Covid-19 pandemic began to settle, I was tied by the limitations of virtual sound spatializartion. As a way of comprimising with the circumstances of the world, Sonic Playground was reborn again as a 3rd order ambisonic mix down displayed on YouTube as a 360 spatial audio piece.

Sonic Playground Virtual Sonic Sculpture


And yet, there continued to be regret and pain knowing that this piece was best understood and heard in person. In the meantime, I continue to search ways to reference and feature it into my other works such as in my demo Unity game Consent Training: